Welcome to Conan
Hot Chocolate server hosted by PingPerfect Sydney Servers!

Server restarts backups and updates at 3am Daily AEST

**Harvest & XP**
Xp Multiplier = 4.0
Harvest = 2.5
Thrall Conversion = 0.5
Containers Lock = True
**PvP Info** Offline raiding is fine within the confines of the below server times. I do frown upon offline raiding the same person on a consistent basis without allowing a grace time to rebuild retaliate.

[Raid Times]
Monday - Friday

Start End
NSW 4:00pm 10:00pm
SA 3:30pm 9:30pm
QLD 3:00pm 9:00pm
NT 2:30pm 8:30pm
WA 1:00pm 7:00pm

NZ Welington 6:00pm 12:00am
NZ Chatham Islands 6:45pm 12:45am

Saturday & Sunday
Start End
NSW 10:00am 11:59pm
SA 9:30am 11:29pm
QLD 9:00am 10:59pm
NT 8:30am 10:29pm
WA 7:00am 9:00pm

NZ Welington 12:00pm 1:59am
NZ Chatham Islands 12:45pm 2:44am

Restrict Avatar Summoning Time = True AvatarSummoningTimeWeekdayStart = 1600 AvatarSummoningTimeWeekdayEnd = 2200 AvatarSummoningTimeWeekendStart = 1000 AvatarSummoningTimeWeekendEnd = 2359

**Decay Info**
Time to Decay in seconds 302400 = 3.5 Days
Decayed State then auto removed 302400 = 8 Hours

**Thrall Info**
ThrallDecayTime 864000 = 10 Days
MinionPopulationBaseValue = 50
MinionPopulationPerPlayer = 5
MinionOverpopulationCleanup = 60